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Google anything from any device and/or location

GeolocalizedSearch makes it possible to use Google Search Engine with custom settings in the simplest possible way. Options like geolocalization, search language or browsing device could be easily set in just a few clicks.

The main purpose of developing GeolocalizedSearch is to help others search Google like if they were using a different device, other search language or like if they were in a different location. is a free custom search tool that allows to do this in a simple and easy way.

This webapp may be especially relevant for those people and companies whose main focus is digital marketing and advertising. Changing search parameters like the ones mentioned above could be used to check their websites SERP ranking, the way their ads are shown or other metrics and optimizations.

However, everybody could enjoy this tool in order to satisfy their inner curiosity. My recommendation is to have a look at “Discover How Google Search Works” on Google, and after that, plenty of ideas about what you could use this tool for will start bubbling up.